A unique vineyard… in mosaic!

A unique vineyard… in mosaic!Gueberschwihr, a small town of Haut Rhin, is located in the Alsace wine route, some fifteen kilometers south of the region of Colmar. Our vineyards are located in Gueberschwihr and in the surrounding municipalities. Protected from the rain by the natural barrier formed by the Vosges, this area is one of the driest regions of France.


Oriented to the east and southeast, the vines benefit from the early morning sun. This microclimate is particularly favourable for winegrowing.

Its geological mosaic subsoil grounds, following the collapse of the Rhine Rift Valley and the multiple fissures that resulted from that collapse, make up for different expressions that can be found in our wines.

The jewel of our village, the grand cru Goldert, which extends over a clay-limestone soil, produces complex wines full of finesse.


The vineyard is the defining raw material, the critical ingredient that determines the quality of a wine. The respect for this resource and its environment is fundamental for obtaining the best possible wine it has to give.

That is why we are committed to organic farming: 2013 is our first vintage to be organic certified by Ecocert.